How to Get WhatsApp Green Tick for Your Business in 2024

With the rise of instant messaging as a common mode of communication, WhatsApp has revolutionized the relationship between people. Its original purpose was a simple messaging platform that soon became an inseparable part of our everyday conversations. Side by side with the digital revolution, expectations from users have changed.

In response to WhatsApp’s increasing adoption in the corporate world, it introduced WhatsApp Business- a small enterprise-specific platform. This customized version came about as a result of the growing need for programs that catered to companies, which had features like showcasing goods and maintaining professional online profiles.

On the other hand, as businesses continued to grow on this platform, there arose a challenge – limiting broadcast messages so that spam could be minimized. It was clear that something more robust would be needed for bigger corporations. To meet this need they brought about WhatsApp API to target multinational corporations by providing them with access to their large-scale messaging services.

WhatsApp API selected some reputable companies from different parts of the globe and made them their official partners who can access its API services. In this way, it provided large businesses with the tools they required to effectively engage with their audience.

Before, businessmen could apply for the green tick on WhatsApp by themselves. However, with the introduction of WhatsApp API, things changed. Now business owners cannot directly apply for a green tick on WhatsApp Business. At present, you can only obtain a green tick through WhatsApp API. Our blog will teach you how to obtain a green tick on WhatsApp for your business.

So if that symbol of trust and authenticity has become an obsession for your business, then you should begin by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by WhatsApp API. Let us explore the intricacies involved in getting a green tick for our business on WhatsApp.

What is a WhatsApp green tick?

The WhatsApp Green Tick is an indication that it is not just any other brand account but one that has been authenticated and can be identified easily as such on the platform. The green badge on WhatsApp signifies legitimateness in WhatsApp business accounts and this builds up trust with your clients since they know that it has undergone a thorough WhatsApp green badge process while obtaining it comes with understanding the steps involved and meeting some criteria. This green badge will appear next to your WhatsApp business name, giving you the assurance that a user is talking to a genuine account. The application process is exclusive to the WhatsApp Business Platform, formerly known as the WhatsApp Business API.

The WhatsApp green tick plays a huge in improving the credibility of your account. It builds trust among your customers. This verification tick influences the purchasing decisions of your customers and impacts their perception of how they see you. It has a vital contribution to building the reputation & visibility of your brand.

Why does your business deserve the green tick of trust?

We’ll tell you the perks of having a WhatsApp Green Tick for your business. You will need this verification badge to make your business seem more credible. This could psychologically drive customers towards you as all they seek is who can they count on. The more the number of customers, the more will be your engagement rate.

More than 2.3 billion users have WhatsApp on their phones. Customers don’t have the tendency to buy from those businesses that are not verified and authenticated. This is where you can outsmart all your competitors who aren’t green tick verified.

Business Verification, which is a crucial procedure in getting that green tick, is now exquisitely tied to the WhatsApp API.

An Official Business Account with the green tick would show your business name exclusively on chat headers and the business profile. This would make the navigation so convenient for your customers.

To break a few myths, the WhatsApp Green tick won’t grant you any extra features. However, you would still need it for a clean brand identity. Your customers are more likely to choose a verified business over a regular one.

Which account suits your business?


Regular business accountOfficial business account
It was created for some small and medium-sized businessesLarge enterprises need an official business account
It provides important business communication features, namely messaging templates, quick replies, automated messaging & labels for organizing your chatsIt gives you advanced features for automation, integration with external systems, and sending notifications & transactional messages
The business verification is optional as it depends on the standards of WhatsAppIt is verified by default with a green verification badge
It is preferable for one-on-one conversationsIt is preferable for large-scale messaging
You won’t get access to WhatsApp Business APIOnly official accounts will get access to the WhatsApp Business API
Your customers won’t be able to see your display name if they haven’t saved your number in their contacts.Even if your customers haven’t saved your number in their contacts, your display name will be visible to them.


Prerequisites for WhatsApp green badge


1)WhatsApp business API usage:

This is necessary in order to help draw customers to you.

If the standard WhatsApp business application is used, any requests for a green badge will be denied

2)Meta business manager verification:

It must be confirmed that the Meta Business Manager has been verified.

The process of verifying Meta Business Suite is free and shows your business is genuine while giving you some benefits like increased visibility and advertising campaign insights.

Through this account, meta manages WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram in one place.

3)Business eligibility:

Must be a registered business with a valid telephone number or postal address.

Personal accounts & exclusive verification won’t be considered.

4)Item specific verification:

Essential for gaining access to certain Meta technologies and developer features.

The verification process depends on what product or feature you are trying to use it for.

5)Enhanced security with two-Step verification:

Increase security by enabling two-step authentication.

6)Notability criteria for businesses:

Create awareness and notability over the brand name of your company

A larger organization with a verified Facebook Business Account and three months of using WhatsApp Business API has more chances.

7) Media coverage and notability:

Secure media coverage links from credible sources.

These links should correspond with WhatsApp Business and Meta Business Suite names.

No paid promotion will be considered, however.

The verification is influenced by Google Business Profile, Facebook followers, and brand relevance.

8) Tier 2 or above messaging level:

WhatsApp messaging levels must be at least Tier 2 for firms operating on the platform.

9) Organic PR and press releases:

There must be no less than three organic press coverages.

Paid PR is not entertained for verification.

10) WhatsApp API access via BSP:

You can access the WhatsApp API through an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP)

A high-quality rating should be maintained on your WhatsApp Business account.

11) The following businesses can’t apply for a green tick badge

Liquor businesses, Weapons Businesses, Gambling Businesses, and Tobacco Brands.

Avoid getting rejected with these 4 secret tips 

1)Make sure that your WhatsApp business phone number is verified.
2)If it is found that your WhatsApp activities are personal, they might reject your application. Try to keep your profile professional.
3)Any misleading information on your account can get you flagged. So fill in your details very carefully.
4)Ensure your account complies with WhatsApp's community guidelines and terms of service.

What to do if your green tick application gets rejected?

1)They state the reasons due to which, your application got rejected. You can make those adjustments accordingly and work on compliance.
2)Read the WhatsApp policies and guidelines in detail. Take further steps only if you have thoroughly understood the WhatsApp Verification Guide
3)Despite crossing all hurdles, if still this situation persists,  you can contact the WhatsApp support team to clarify your doubts.

How does the WhatsApp API help your business grow with customer communication strategies?

With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp puts your business in touch with customers globally, on their platform. It can automate replies for FAQs, orders, and reminders, saving time and resources for both you and your customers. It provides a single centralized platform for multiple agents. You can acquire real-time insights through surveys and chat, informing product and service improvements.

Notable brands benefitting from WhatsApp API



a)Order tracking and updates: Get live order status, shipping details and expected delivery times through instant notifications.

b)Personalized product recommendations: Curated suggestions based on browsing history and purchase behavior, enhancing customer engagement.

c)Customer support: Easy access to return/exchange requests, warranty claims, and product-related queries through WhatsApp.


a)Booking confirmations and ride updates: Driver information, estimated arrival time, and live tracking features

b)In-ride communication: Convenient way to reach the driver or customer support for any concerns or changes during the journey.

c)Post-ride feedback and rewards: Share feedback on the ride experience and earn loyalty points directly through WhatsApp.


a)Simplified Communication: Order updates, delivery details, and customer support are just as accessible on a familiar WhatsApp chat thereby negating the need of having to check an app or make telephone calls.

b)Personalized Engagement: Zomato uses data to send targeted recommendations for restaurants you might like or dishes that fit your taste buds thus enhancing your experience which could lead to more orders.

c)Increased Convenience and Value: Feedback requests, loyalty rewards through feedbacks plus exclusive promotional offers.

How Webelight Solutions scooped up success with ice cream shop’s WhatsApp integration!


In the bustling city of Ahmedabad, where even the most resolute might waver, Webelight Solutions found a sweet spot for innovation. Our client, an owner of 6 ice cream shops, approached us as he was struggling to distribute orders to a large volume of his customers and digitize his selling process. We presented our idea to integrate his business with WhatsApp and solve this problem with automation.
Here's how we pulled this off:
Customers were able to use WhatsApp Messenger to scan the QR code and see what was on the menu. It was basically like having a virtual ice cream shop on their phone. All the mouthwatering dishes and tasty visuals popped up on their device, just a tap away.
The integrated system handled payments securely through OTP. The owner could also send the discount offers directly to his customers, persuading them to visit him again.
In earlier days, customers had to wait in line to make their orders. But thanks to WhatsApp Business Integration, which solved all their worries and brought success to the ice-cream shop owner. This is what Webelight Solutions aimed for, and we made it happen.

For those aspiring to secure the green tick, our guide provides valuable insights into the application process, while our tips for avoiding rejection offer a strategic approach. Remember, rejection is not the end; it's an opportunity to refine and resubmit with newfound knowledge. Set up your profile and let the green tick become the hallmark of your business's commitment to excellence in the ever-growing digital lifestyle.

Choose Webelight Solutions as your reliable partner for securing the green tick and utilize the full potential of WhatsApp API services through our expertly designed campaigns. To this day, our company is exploring WhatsApp API integration to improve customer service responsiveness. So are you ready for the spotlight? Obtain the WhatsApp green tick and automate your business flow. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Start today!