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Webelight Solutions collaborates with QASource, an industry-leading automated testing company that puts together people, technology, and strategy to help clients speed the development of high-quality software with confidence and trust. Test script creation, test automation planning, tool selection, test environment setup, test data preparation and maintenance, and test reporting are all part of our test automation services. You only need to use our automated testing services to acquire everything.

Automation Testing

There are mainly four types of framework used in automation software testing : Data Driven Automation Framework, Modular Automation Framework, Keyword Driven Automation Framework, and Hybrid Automation Framework and we make best use of it.

These frameworks are set according to the guidelines of automation which ultimately helps in maintaining the consistency of testing frequently, minimum usage of code, less worries of maintaining the code, improvement in re-usability of code, reduction in the time of training period and even non technical tester can work with this code.

Now why would you want to miss an opportunity like this? Maximize the size of pockets by maximizing the ROI for your valued patrons. We carry a large experience of designing automation frameworks using tools like Selenium and JMeter. Here you will get a keyword-driven automation framework, less cycle duration for cost reduction, automated scheduling, and best quality management.

What We Do

Leverage Comprehensive Automation Testing Services

Test automation can assist you in overcoming the challenges of rapid development and the need to respond to rising consumer demands while maintaining quality. Our automated testing approaches can benefit your business by ensuring precision through quick, responsive, seamless automated test suites.

Automation testing can assist you in ensuring that your software satisfies all criteria and functions as planned. As a leading automation testing firm, we use a variety of tools and technologies, including Selenium, JMeter, Docker, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. When it comes to automated testing, there are several advantages to consider.

Do you want to be certain that your new software version contains no bugs or breaks functionality?

Then hire Automation Testing Services since test automation outsourcing might be a terrific approach to take care of your web app and mobile application functionality and difficulties! Longer testing results in more complex scenarios and competitive errors. This will not be the case with our automated testing services.

Automated Functional Testing

Our experts may join at any stage of software development to ensure that every functional need of your programme is solved. Create, execute, and maintain necessary granularity like (component, smoke, and system tests), and level (API and UI automated tests). Webelight Solutions introduces and executes automated regression testing to ensure that newly added features do not disturb the operation of the remaining components of the programme functionality.

Automated Software Security Assurance

Webelight Solutions engineers can automate cybersecurity tests such as vulnerability scanning, code analysis, and compliance testing to guarantee your software is not vulnerable to common security flaws and conforms with applicable regulatory requirements (e.g. PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, GAMP, and so on).

Automated Integration Testing

Webelight Solutions test automation engineers evaluate the software integrations to ensure seamless end-to-end processes and business data consistency for Internal (between components and software modules) and External (between the software and the third-party apps with which it is integrated).

Automated Compatibility Testing

Our automation testers verify software's compatibility with the following devices and operating systems, browsers and versions, and network condition, to ensure that its user interface and functionality render properly in a variety of target scenarios.

Automated Performance Testing

Webelight Solutions' test automation team provides demand testing, Stress testing, Stability testing, and Scalability testing to assure the stability and high performance of your product under varied demand.

Automated API Testing

API testing automation provides seamless functional testing, avoiding any difficulties related to functionality.

Why Webelight Solutions for Software Automation Testing Services?

Webelight Solutions nurtures a core group of dedicated test engineers that work tirelessly to improve testing efficiency. We believe in a work culture that pushes employees to continually grow and exceed in their fields of interest with creativity, and we take satisfaction in being able to live up to those expectations. As a consequence, our testing team is comprised of a diverse collection of automated testing experts that specialise in configuring testing technologies in such a manner that they streamline your business difficulties and assist your company in the industry. Our experience with world-class technology and best practises enables us to add more value to our services and continue to raise the bar in terms of client satisfaction.

  • Easy Communication
  • Leverage in-depth skills and domain knowledge.
  • Transparency and Integrity
  • Best Support and Maintenance Team
  • Secure Adherences
  • Purely result-driven approach
  • Quick and On-Time Automation Testing Consultation
  • 100% tested software solutions

Achieve Better Quality With Our Automation Testing Process

The following is a typical end-to-end QA automation process that Webelight Solutions follows:

Analysing, Planning, Design and Development

During this phase, we thoroughly analyse your product while keeping the scope and on-time requirements of the company in mind, and we develop an Automation strategy and plan that includes the following details-
1. Framework design and functionality
2. Automation tools seleted
3. In-scope and out-of-scope items of Automation
4. Automation testbed preparation
5. Scripting and execution schedule and timeline
6. Automation Test Deliverables

Define Scope of Automation

Automation scope is the region of your application under test that will be automated. The following factors contribute to the breadth of your programme or app:
1. The essential aspects of the business
2. Scenarios with a huge volume of data
3. Application-wide common functionality four. technical viability
4. The proportion of business components that are reused
5. The number of test instances
6. The ability to use the same test scenarios across many browsers

Test Tool Selection

The technology on which the application under test is based greatly impacts the test tool selection. Thus, we utilise Selenium and JMeter since they allow testers to build complicated and advanced test cases on several operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Test Execution

During this phase, automation scripts are executed. Before the scripts can be executed, they must be fed with test data. They offer complete test reports once they have been run. The automation tool can be used either directly or via the test management tool, which will ultimately cite the automation tool.


Our test automated maintenance approach is an automated testing step used to determine whether or not the new functions added to the software are performing properly. When new automation scripts are added, they must be evaluated and regularly updated in order to improve the efficiency of the scripts with each succeeding release cycle.

Our Other Automation Testing Services

Test automation can help you overcome the problems of quick development cycles and the requirement to respond to increasing consumer expectations while maintaining quality. Our automated testing methodologies may help your company by assuring precision through speedy, smooth automated test suites.

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is a form of software automation testing service that seeks to quickly assess whether an application's core features are functioning properly after each version or release. It entails running a set of preset test cases to confirm that the software's fundamental features work as intended, without entering into comprehensive testing.

Integration Testing

Integration testing is a type of software testing that focuses on the interactions and interfaces between various modules or components of an application. It entails running test cases to ensure that separate components integrate smoothly, finding any communication difficulties or inconsistencies, and confirming that the integrated system performs appropriately as a whole.

Unit Testing

Unit testing is a type of software automation testing that includes evaluating individual units or components of a programme to check their correctness and operation. It entails creating and executing test cases for individual units, comparing anticipated outputs to preset inputs, and isolating and correcting any faults discovered inside the unit.

Regression Testing

Regression testing is a type of software automation testing that ensures that previously designed and tested features of an application continue to perform properly when new changes or upgrades are implemented. It entails re-running existing test cases to check that the current functionality have not been harmed by recent modifications, finding any regressions, and guaranteeing overall product stability.

Functional Testing

Functional testing is a type of software automation testing service that examines an application's functional requirements and specifications by evaluating its various features and functionalities. Designing and running test cases to check whether the application matches the given functional requirements, discovering any deviations or flaws, and ensuring the application functions as intended are all part of the process.

Black Box Testing

Black box testing is a type of software automation testing that checks an application's functioning without taking into account its underlying structure or implementation specifics. It entails testing the programme without knowledge of its core workings, focused on evaluating system behaviour, user interface, and conformance to requirements.

Keyword Testing

Keyword testing is a type of software automation testing service that includes automating the testing process by employing a collection of predetermined keywords or actions. It entails writing a test script with keywords that represent specific actions, such as clicks, inputs, or assertions, and then running it to conduct multiple test scenarios and check the application's behaviour.

Data Driven Testing

Data-driven testing is a service that focuses on testing an application using many sets of test data to assure its resilience and dependability. It entails creating test cases with multiple data inputs and anticipated outputs, running these test cases with various data combinations, and validating the application's behaviour and responsiveness to diverse data circumstances.

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