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Manual testing services are critical to ensuring the perfect operation of software in the current era of automation. Webelight Solutions offers quality-focused manual testing services to guarantee that the software being tested is fit for use and that there will be no performance problems that might impair the product's effectiveness or usability. Our manual software testing services include a well-defined quality assurance methodology designed to reduce the number of mistakes, flaws, and defects in the software development life cycle.

Manual Testing

Even in the age of automation, manual software testing services remain critical to ensuring the correct operation of software. We offer comprehensive, precise, and quality-driven manual testing services at Webelight Solutions to ensure the acceptability of the tested software while resolving any potential performance issues that might impair its usability and efficacy.

Webelight Solutions is a well-known manual testing firm with a skilled staff of seasoned testing professionals that excel at providing comprehensive manual testing services. Our objective is to provide our clients with manual testing services of top quality and dependability at affordable prices. Our persistent commitment to precision and perfection distinguishes us in the use of our manual testing expertise.

What We Do

Why Manual Testing is Necessary For Your Software?

The current software development environment and market scenario are defined by frequent releases and quick delivery. As a result, automation in all aspects of development, including software testing, has become very essential. While automation provides value to overall testing through its time-effectiveness, accuracy, repeatability, and reusability, there are some places in the functional testing process where manual testing can be inevitable.

Manual testing is one of the most effective methods for detecting significant flaws.

It uses different approaches, such as logical reasoning, to identify bugs or flaws that are frequently overlooked by automated testing. Because manual testing is conducted from the perspective of the end user, it substantially contributes to the improvement of the product's user experience and usability that business software requires.

We are here to offer all of that to you. Webelight Solutions is the best QA manual testing company in the USA, India, Canada, and Australia, serving globally and helping online businesses around the world streamline their businesses. And we know you need help too so just reach us out! Get every solution to Manual QA Testing.

What We Offer in Manual Testing Services?

Webelight Solutions is a go-to provider of software manual testing and QA services that provides world-class manual testing services. We have carved out a separate place for ourselves in the manual testing sector as one of the pioneering QA businesses. Our manual testing team is made up of experienced test architects and engineers who are highly trained, knowledgeable, and certified to offer the most perfect manual testing services. We at Webelight Solutions are here to first examine the quality of the programme and then manually check the conditions and features of the manufactured software. As a result, the manual software testing procedure ensures that you get the best-tested software in your hands.

Functional Testing

We ensure that every aspect of your programme functions properly, preventing functional faults and unreasonable software behaviour. You will receive a precise, full bug report along with suggestions and identified risks to improve the performance of your product.

Regression Testing

Manual regression testing services ensure that the original code is not broken by software optimisation, modification, expansion, or the incorporation of new software features. We also estimate the influence of these activities on product development, visualising the risks connected with software modification and making this process more cost- and time-effective.

UI/UX Testing

We assist businesses in moving forward by using usability and user experience testing to create engaging, user-friendly, and intuitive interfaces. We give a full study of the programme utilising the A/B approach, taking into consideration individual user demands and market peculiarities, through manual software testing services. As a result of dependable and strong design solutions, your company will expand quicker.

Compatibility Testing

Our manual testing service engineers verify that your application is compatible with a variety of computer settings. We identify the product's weak areas and ensure responsiveness, functionality, and a favourable user experience across all operating systems, browsers, databases, servers, and hardware types.

Configuration Testing

Our team of manual testers will identify every possible outcome that may result from non-standard activities linked to system configuration modifications. We test code for correct operation under these changes and contribute to the overall optimisation of configuration procedures.

Integration Testing

To ensure the uninterrupted and seamless operation of the entire system, we assure the compatibility of individual modules with the complete solution. We assist you in developing your app swiftly and at no additional expense by identifying all potential system faults and reducing business risks caused by faulty module functionality.

Why Choose Webelight Solutions To Get Manual Testing Services?

We are a manual testing company carrying the most experinece with high-end skills in the QA sector, and we refined our approach to offering manual testing services throughout the years. When you partner with us, you can count on precision and attention to detail in each and every aspect of the project. We guarantee that we will thoroughly examine every single component of your software solution, doen not matter how little or small it is, we offer you confidence in your product and assure its success. Our manual testing service knowledge spans every sector, project size, product kind, and platform imaginable.

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Our Manual Testing Process

The following is a typical end-to-end QA automation process that Webelight Solutions follows:

Requirement Analysis

Analysing all the requirements you have for your software, like business-based analysis, functional analysis, performance analysis, and speed analysis, Depending on all these points, scope identification is done, which helps us understand your software better so we can test it efficiently.

Test Planning

Depending on the scope of software derived after the analysis, we can create the test plan, which will cover test agreement, strategy creation, and total cost estimation.

Environment Setup

Setting up the environment includes test case writing, hardware configuration, software configuration, and test data preparation.

Manual Test Execution

This is the most important phase, which is performed with a high level of concentration while testing the solution manually. Catching the defects, prioritising resolving bugs, running the tests, and documenting the results.

Closure and maintenance

After manual testing is performed on your software, a final report submission is done for you and us. In case it comes handy in the future. Other than that, the issuing of recommendations and client feedback is done, and at the end, project closure is done.

Additional Manual Testing Services at Webelight Solutions

We know manual testing is very important so here we have some additional siders for your. Our Add-on Manual QA Testing services for your software that you can get easily and help you get each solution for quality software testing. These additional services are:

System Testing

System testing examines the overall behaviour and functionality of a system or application. It entails running test cases to ensure that all components operate flawlessly together, confirming system requirements, and finding any integration issues or faults.

Black Box Testing

Black box testing evaluates an application's functioning without knowledge of its internal structure or implementation. Designing and running test cases based on external requirements and inputs, validating expected outputs, and discovering any anomalies or errors in the application's behaviour are all part of the job.

White Box Testing

White box testing investigates the internal structure and implementation of a programme to guarantee its accuracy and efficiency. It comprises testing individual components, evaluating the code, and performing test cases based on the underlying logic and structure of the programme to check its functioning and discover any code-level flaws or errors.

Integration Testing (Top down & Bottom Up Approach)

Integration testing focuses on verifying the interactions and interfaces between different modules or components of an application. It comprises conducting test cases to validate the smooth integration of separate components, discovering any communication difficulties or discrepancies. Top-down strategy starts with high-level modules and increasingly adds lower-level modules, whereas bottom-up approach starts with low-level modules and progressively adds higher-level modules.

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing tries to rapidly identify whether the essential capabilities of an application are operating correctly after each build or release. It comprises performing a subset of test cases to confirm that the fundamental operations of the programme are operating as intended, giving an initial check before proceeding with comprehensive testing.

Sanity Testing

Sanity testing focuses on swiftly assessing whether the most crucial capabilities of an application are operating after particular updates or repairs. It comprises conducting a restricted collection of test cases to confirm that the recent improvements have not caused any serious faults or regressions, offering a fast review of the application's stability.

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing checks whether an application satisfies the defined requirements and is suitable for distribution to the end-users. It comprises conducting test cases based on user stories, acceptance criteria, or business requirements, verifying that the application corresponds with user expectations, and meets the intended purpose.

Database Testing

Database testing focuses on confirming the integrity, correctness, and dependability of the data recorded in the database. It comprises conducting test cases to confirm data integrity constraints, performing data manipulation operations, testing data consistency, and assuring appropriate functioning of database transactions.

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