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Cloud Migration

Traditionally, organizations depended on in-house servers to store all their vital information and run their programs and systems. However, with the increase in the amount of data available to businesses this model has become very costly and difficult to implement.

Cloud computing solves this problem by allowing businesses to host their operations on cloud-hosted servers by independent providers. This enables them to conveniently access all the required files and features without having to keep the bulk of the system on their computers. The goal is to offer businesses a highly automated, secure, and scalable environment on which to run their operations.

At Webelight Solutions, we are cloud consulting specialists committed to enable and manage your IT infrastructure. Our teams can effectively transform your organization’s IT environment with superior cloud computing services.

Our team has the knowledge and experience to guide your cloud computing transition, or develop your new project in a scalable, affordable, secure cloud environment. Our bottom-line goal is to deliver better every day. We meet and exceed our goals for the timeliness, budget, experience, and delivery. Reach out to us today to learn more.

We have worked as a cloud migration specialist company for the cloud-to-cloud migration and enabled complex cloud migration processes. Our cloud consulting offerings are shaped to back you through your end-to-end cloud decision-making processes, right from investigative evaluations to cloud strategy to technology and solution decisions.

The cloud computing services area is an important part of Webelight Solutions’ services that the company offers to its clients and customers. We address a diverse range of application and infrastructural needs for organizations and companies which includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM), database, compute, and data storage. The full cloud maintenance services, which include cloud computing, cloud migration and cloud security services offered by Webelight Solutions deliver IT resources in the shortest period to customers and align the costs to actual usage. This is immensely helpful to organizations where they have the flexibility and freedom to manage expenses more efficiently.

Moreover, Webelight Solutions supports all types of cloud environments that includes cloud computing security and cloud migration and cloud monitoring tools that helps us in easy and automatic deployment. As a result, organizations have greater ability to move quickly and easily and can manage expenses more efficiently.